Fox News for iPad Released Today

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Fox News for iPad

Fox News has launched an iPad app today, called simply Fox News for iPad. It’s a free app for now, sponsored by ExxonMobil, whose ads are shown prominently on all pages and as intros on many of the videos in the app.

The app offers a lot of what you’d expect from Fox News and lots of coverage of breaking news. I’ve only taken a very quick look at it so far and Fox News is not my most watched news channel, but this app looks pretty sharp at first glance.

Fox News for iPad

Just a few quick notes after browsing the app for a short while, and a few more screencaps:

It offers an ‘On Air Now’ button right at the top left of its top nav bar, so you can jump to live viewing when you like. Then there’s a large ‘Happening Now’ section filled with the latest news shown via a slider with images for the breaking stories. It also has live coverage of from 9:00AM-3:00PM Eastern daily.

Below that is another section where you can switch between views of Top Stories, FNC Programs, Favorites, and a Playlist for videos you want to watch – and there is plenty of video content in the app from what I can see so far.

Fox News for iPad

The Fox News ticker runs continually along the bottom strip of the screen on all pages.

It also has Fox show schedules and a popover that offers access to Fox News Radio – with an ‘On Now’ section and a series of audio clips.

The UI of the app is quite cluttered, with not a lot of breathing space between elements on pages.

If you’re a fan of Fox News, you’re probably going to enjoy this app. I’m going to keep it around and see what I think after getting a chance to use it more.

Here’s an App Store link for Fox News for iPad; it’s a free app.

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