iChromy Chrome-like Browser for iPad Updated – Adds Privacy Mode, Find in Page, More

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iChromy – the Chrome-style browser for the iPad – has had a recent update, to Version 1.1. One of the notable additions is that it now offers more privacy when browsing, through a new ‘Incognito Mode’. It’s even got a slick dodgy looking spy guy icon that shows when you turn this new mode on.

This update brings a wealth of other new features and enhancements as well. Here’s the full change list:

【New features】
★ More privacy
1) Incognito Mode
2) Clear password
3) Clear history
4) Clear Cookie

★ Efficiency
1) Find in page
2) Remember password
3) Quick Dial in new tap to help you access most
visited sites quickly.
4) Add .com, .edu, .gov, .net in the Omnibox
5) Save pictures to Photo App
6) More accurate URL suggestion in address bar
7) Tap status bar to scroll pages to top
8) Print

★ Stability
1) More stable
2) Recover tabs after the browser crashes

★ More options
1) Change default search Engine
2) Identify iChromy as desktop browsers to access
certain pages
3) Keep the address bar when you scroll the page
4) Always open link in background tab

iChromy is a very nice 3rd party iPad browser and a good Safari alternative. This update isn’t a huge, major one – but it adds some nice new features, especially for those who want some privacy in their browsing. It’s always good to see already-strong apps continuing to update and improve.

Here’s an App Store link for iChromy; it’s a free app.

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