Joining a Google+ Hangout from the iPad

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Google Hangout

Last week the Google+ iOS app, which right now is designed for iPhone but able to run on the iPad, was updated to Version (is that joke not getting old by now?).

One of the biggest new features in the update is the ability to join Google+ hangouts from within the app. Hangouts are one of the coolest features of Google+ so this is a very nice add-in for the iOS app.

Yesterday I finally got a chance to give it a quick try. I joined a hangout started by Steven Hodson, and it all worked well. Even though I was running an iPhone app in 2X mode, the video quality was OK and audio was fine. I did find that I wasn’t able to join when Steven chose to create a ‘hangout with extras’.

A bonus bit of fun for me was that Louis Gray joined in the hangout to get a chance to chat with Steven. Louis is the new Product Marketing Manager for Google+ and an excellent blogger on social networks and more. I knew Louis from Friendfeed and actually got my Google+ invite on its first night in private beta from him – so it was cool to meet him quickly in a hangout.

I enjoy Google+ so I’m hoping we’ll soon see the ability to create hangouts from the iOS app, and of course an iPad or universal app.

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8 thoughts on “Joining a Google+ Hangout from the iPad”

  1. Did Louis say anything about an iPad app in the near future? I was just thinking that since I’ve gotten my iPad 2 i’ve spent very little time on G+…..I hate the 2x zoom for iPhone apps on iPad, but miss G+!

    1. No he didn’t and I didn’t ask. He was there to speak to Steven Hodson. I just said a quick hello and bowed out.

  2. I can’t seem to access a hangout on mine. It’s the right version too. It tells me it’s not available, and My google plus app doesn’t contain the hangout feature on it. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. I have an iPhone 4S and an iPad 1. I can connect to Hangout with iPhone but not with iPad 1. Is anyone able to connect to Hangout with the original iPads? Also for the iPhone, it would help if we could scale the screen when someone does a share screen or document. other than that. Awesome so far on iPhone 4S.

  4. No. No. That joke will never get old. At least until Donald Knuth (the first person to number versions that way) passes away and his program takes on version π.

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