Kindle iPad App Announced

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Kindle iPad app

Amazon has unveiled its Kindle app for the iPad (and other tablet computers).  In the shots I’ve seen so far it looks pretty much as you’d expect if you’ve ever used the Kindle app for the iPhone.  The company’s description for the app talks of its beautiful user interface that includes:

  • Tailored to the size, look, and feel of your tablet computer
  • Customize background color and font size to ease eye strain
  • Adjust screen brightness from within the app to make reading easier
  • Page turn animation replicates the look of turning a page in a book. Or choose Basic Reading
  • Mode for a simpler and unadorned reading experience

I’ll be glad to see the Kindle app on the iPad – partly because I’ve bought a small number of Kindle titles on the iPhone, and also just as a good comparison and alternative to the iBooks reader and store.

It looks like there should be no shortage of good book stores and reader apps for the iPad, as long as they get approved by Apple.  Apparently Barnes & Noble have been working furiously on an iPad reader / store app for quite a while as well, according to a New York Times report

At the offices of Barnes & Noble’s digital unit in New York, 14 developers have occupied a windowless room since January, completely redesigning the company’s iPhone app for the iPad, according to Douglas Gottlieb, its vice president of digital products. The developers hunch over Macs around a big table, and printouts and notecards are taped up on the walls.

Here’s hoping that Apple is not going to hit us with any crazy ‘duplicate functionality’ bans on any of these rival book reader / store apps.

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