More Details Emerge about iPad-only Newspaper The Daily

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It’s only a matter of hours now before the launch of The Daily – the iPad-only newspaper title from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp – due to take place at a special event at 11:00 Eastern tomorrow morning.

Today, there are a number of new details showing up on the web about the hugely anticipated new title. At All Things Digital, which is also owned by News Corp, Peter Kafka has given a lengthy rundown on what he says we should expect to see unveiled tomorrow. Some highlights in his article that caught my eye include:

— It will be a newspaper that is ‘both old-fashioned and cutting edge” – that will be a nifty trick. 

… But there will be an audio feature so you can have stories read aloud to you. And there’s a crossword puzzle! And Sudoku!

A Daily-watcher who thinks the thing is amazing compares it to the Daily Prophet, the magical newspaper read by Harry Potter and his wizard pals.


And while News Corp. officials have tried to argue that the Daily isn’t a newspaper but something else, it is most definitely produced using a newspaper model: Six sections, written once a day–the Daily team is particularly excited about its sports coverage–and delivered in the wee hours of the morning.

The Daily will allow for some midday updates, but it’s really designed to land with a digital thud on your virtual doorstep, just like the newspapers Murdoch has loved all his life.

I hope the updates are done more frequently / continuously than what’s described above.

— As we’ve heard before, the title is set to sell for 99 cents a week, and Kafka says it will be free for the first two weeks.

Also today, Fortune Tech has an article titled ‘Who’s who at The (iPad) Daily?’ – which runs down an impressive list of experienced professionals from some big-time media organizations who are now working for The Daily – based on some crafty research from’s Damon Kiesow.

Several top names — including executive editor Jesse Angelo (formerly of Murdoch’s New York Post), Richard Johnson (from the Post‘s Page Six) and Sasha Frere-Jones (from the New Yorker) — were leaked months ago.

But the rest of what’s reported to be a staff of 100 was unknown. Now Kiesow has identified more than half of them. Some were drawn from within Murdoch’s media empire, but most come from as far afield as ABC News, the AP, The Atlantic, AOL News, E! Networks, The Daily Beast, Forbes, Salon, and the New York Times.

It certainly sounds like this is a major project for News Corp. It’s got a big and experienced staff, it’s the first iPad-only newspaper, it apparently has had tons of money pumped into it. Now all we have to see is the execution – what the money and the team can deliver. Roll on debut issue I say.

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