NetNewsWirefor iPad Updated – Adds Very Little

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NetNewsWire for iPad

NetNewsWire for iPad has had an update this week – to Version 1.0.3.  As you can see in the screenshot above, very little has changed.  Apart from some promised performance improvement and a single listed bug fix, the only features change is an added ability to sort articles by oldest or newest at the top.

So why am I mentioning this update at all?  Only because as a premium-priced app ($9.99 with plans to go to $14.99), NNW has a very disappointing record when it comes to updates.  For instance, it is now not far off a year (September 09) since NNW 2.0 for iPhone was launched and trumpeted its Google Reader sync support – but the app still does not support shared items at all.  This is a basic and popular feature of GReader, and one that many lower-priced RSS apps have had for ages.

NNW is a very solid RSS app (for the iPad and the iPhone) but its lack of support for some basic features, and increasingly bad reputation on updates, is going to make it harder and harder to justify its hefty price tag.

You can find the latest version Of NetNewsWire for iPad in the App Store now.

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