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Online Wordsearch iPad web app

I very rarely write about web apps for the iPad or iPhone – largely because I rarely see one that stands up well against native apps. OnlineWordsearch – or more specifically the web site – is a happy exception. The creator of the app / site was kind enough to email me about it last week, and I’ve been trying it out a fair bit since then.

I’m happy to say it’s a simple, but nicely done app. It’s just your standard wordsearch board with no bells or whistles – but it is easy, quick, and responsive to use. It doesn’t use Flash (of course) and was built entirely in Javascript.

It uses the alpha jQuery Mobile framework ( so that you can use the site on your iPad.

I like the app enough that I’ve found myself leaving its page open in Safari almost continually of late. It’s just a very easy, gentle game to spend time with between doing productive things or playing more taxing games. If you have kids, it’s a nice, free resource for keeping them entertained as well; I know my daughter is always up for a go at wordsearch.

If you – or your kids – enjoy wordsearch games, give this one a look here:

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