ReaddleDocs and ColorSplash Updated with AirPrint Support

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This is definitely the high season for updates for iPad apps. Many are adding, or have already recently added, support for multitasking and iOS 4.2. Now I’m also beginning to see some updating to support Apple’s new AirPrint feature.

Today, two popular and very good apps were updated to support AirPrint – ReaddleDocs and ColorSplash. Just in case you haven’t come across these yet, ReaddleDocs is a powerful and versatile document reader, with especially strong support for PDFs and a number of other document types; and ColorSplash is a very good photo effects app that lets you paint color into your images.

I’ve tested both – after finally getting getting AirPrint to play ball with my shared printer – and both work well. ReaddleDocs even offers an extra field in Print Options that not even Apple’s own apps have – a ‘Range’ field so you can select the range of pages you want to print. Very nice little touch, and another dumb leave-out by Apple.

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