Simplenote for iPad Gets a Major Update – Adds Tags, Sharing, Full Screen Mode, Lots More

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Simplenote iPad app

Simplenote – one of the leading notes apps for the iOS platform for a long while – has just had a huge update last night, to Version 3.0.2.  As its name would suggest, one of Simplenote’s strongpoints has always been its simple and elegant look and UI.

With this new update, the app has managed to maintain that simple, elegant quality while adding a substantial amount of functionality and some lovely bells and whistles as well.

Simplenote for iPad

Here’s the list of notable changes in this version, straight from the Simplenote App Store page:

In a nutshell: major update with tags, versions, sharing, pins, and more.

Some details:
– all new web app
– full support for iOS4
– tags, and view tags as folders
– pin important notes to the top of your list
– access older versions of notes (go back in time)
– trash can
– really easy note sharing
– searching within notes
– fullscreen mode
– each note remembers its last position
– many syncing improvements
– improved animations
– added ability to sign out of an account
– added options for reverse-order sorting
– character/word count
– shortened toolbar height in landscape mode (iPhone)
– fixed link detection and enabled it by default
– fixed tapping to edit a note when link detection is enabled
– fixed keyboard disappearing when changing orientations (iPhone)
– fixed possible data deletion when swipe-deleting a note other than the current note (iPad)
– improved reliability of auto-saving
– fixed modification date being updated if you edit but don’t change a note
– and more…


Simplenote has been my co-favorite note taking app on the iPhone and iPad (alongside Evernote) for quite a while.  Evernote had tended to be my go-to app though, because it has a much more full-featured desktop companion app and is just ever-present on the iPhone, iPad, desktop, and online.

This update to Simplenote looks a hugely impressive one to me so far though – having spent a little time with it last night and this morning.  I’ve moved Simplenote back to my first home screen because of it. 


Some of the things I’m loving about it so far are:

— Full screen mode is great stuff.  It already offered a clean and pleasant layout for editing notes, full screen mode is just nice icing on that cake.

— The addition of tags is excellent to see, as it makes it much easier to organize your notes

— The sharing options are easy to access and useful to have.

— The ‘Pin to Top’ feature is also easy to use and very handy.

— The ability to see your word count is great for when you’re writing something for, say, a blog post. Smile

— The new web site is smart looking and seems a nicer option than some of the 3rd party companion apps I’ve seen for Simplenote.

So … first impressions wise, I’m a big fan of this update.  This is an already stellar app that just got a whole lot better.  And I think it’s great that it has managed to add so much cool new functionality without losing its ultra-simple look and feel.  Very nicely done I’d say.

You can find the latest version of Simplenote in the App Store now, and it’s a free app.

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  1. This is totally awesome! I have to get the upgrade… I really like this app and I use it to keep a listing of things I must do. Now, how can I get this app to launch everything i turn my ipad on?? Ok, i guess that why i have the calendar app?? Hahah

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