Sneak Peek – Richard Branson’s New Project Magazine for iPad, Launching Tomorrow

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 Richard Branson's Project magzine for iPad

Project is the new magazine from Richard Branson’s Virgin Digital Publishing – built specifically for the iPad and set to launch on the App Store tomorrow (Tuesday 11/30).

The Project project is fascinating because it is touted as the first of a new wave of publications that are built for the iPad and that are meant to embody what an all-digital, all-iPad (and other tablets when they come along) title can be. I’ve seen a few quite good iPad editions of some major print titles, and some appalling ones as well – I am super excited to see what the first new  ‘built for the iPad’ title has to offer.

Today I’ve had a little sneak peek at what the magazine will look like – though I haven’t seen the app itself just yet.


Here are a few notable things about Project:

— For starters the front cover is a video that leads with their story on Jeff Bridges and the reboot of TRON.

— The magazine will cover design, entertainment, technology, and entrepreneurs.

— It is edited by Anthony Noguera, former editor-in-chief of FHM magazine.

— Here’s one of its key selling points:

Project is what we like to think of as a ‘living magazine’ – evolving and updating throughout the month and taking advantage of the iPad’s capabilities to deliver a really innovative reader experience. Unlike a regular magazine you won’t just read Project once and then forget about it. The idea is that Project will be something that readers treat as a daily destination, offering breaking news, reader polls and blogs. That, and it has all the interactivity, responsiveness and immersion you would expect from the iPad experience.

That all sounds very good, but the proof will be in how and how well this is executed in Project. How often will it be updated?  Hopefully more than daily. How will they make it more interactive and get readers more immersed than with any other iPad title? These will be the really interesting things to see.

— Some of the articles in the first issue include stories on: Jaguar’s new 205mph ‘HyperCar’, why the world’s coolest record label is French, the Super Chef who serves soil, and a 3D tour of ‘secret Tokyo’. 

— There will be no printed version of the magazine. It is a tablet and digital version only, though there will also be a blog site for it.

Here’s a short preview of the mag’s video cover:

Project is due to hit the App Store tomorrow. There’s no word on pricing or subscription options yet. I’ll definitely be looking to give it a long look as soon as it is released.

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