Squrl iPad Video App Updated, Adds Playlists and More

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Squrl – the excellent social video / video aggregator app for iPad and iOS – has been updated this week, to Version 1.8. The biggest new feature in this update is Playlists.

The app has always offered the ability to make your own Collections of videos, and the new playlist feature now lets you tap once to play all the videos in a collection. I love this feature. If you’ve got a good set of videos lined up this is great, as it cuts out the need to load up each video when the previous one finishes.

Here’s the list of other notable changes in the 1.8 update:

• Watch and Interact — iPad users can choose to watch video in a minimized view while continuing to use and browse in Squrl.
For iPad and AppleTV users
• Lean back, living room experience — Push playlists to your TV via Airplay on Apple TV and watch videos in a continuous stream.
For ALL users
• YouTube login — YouTube members now will have a seamless connection with their Squrl video collections by signing into their YouTube account, getting access to their existing playlists and subscriptions.


I’ve tried out several of the newer ‘social’ video apps for iPad over recent weeks, and Squrl is by far and away my favorite. It’s the one I use most often and have collected the most content for. The new playlist feature will have me spending even more time with this app.

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