The New Yorker Magazine iPad Edition Updated for the New iPad Retina Display

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The New Yorker for iPad

The New Yorker Magazine iPad edition, one of the leading iPad magazine titles, has been updated to support the new iPad’s retina display.

Retina support starts with the April 23 issue of The New Yorker for the iPad (available as of yesterday, April 16).

I’ve only taken a very quick look at the new issue, so I won’t offer any thoughts on how sharp it looks with the new retina support. I do want to note that it appears that issues sizes may not be drastically larger (as feared) with support for the retina display. I did a quick check of the April 9 issue size and it weighed in at 137MB. The new April 23 issue is 152MB – hardly a substantial increase.

I’m guessing the issue size bump-up may be smaller for The New Yorker due to the fact it’s not a photo-heavy, or even very image-heavy, title (apart from ads).

For any of you who have The New Yorker on the new iPad, what are your thoughts on the new issue and retina support?

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