Virtual Human Body – Impressive Looking New iPad App

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Virtual Human Body is quite a good looking new iPad app that lets you explore human anatomy from head to toe – with a 3D human model and an anatomical dictionary. It’s touted as the ‘most user-friendly app ever developed on the human body’.

Here are just some of its notable features:

• 10 systems of the human body depicted through our lifelike model
• over 1000 anatomical structures named and defined
• an anatomical dictionary including a textual search engine
• the possibility to overlap two systems so as to better visualize the interrelations between bones, muscles and organs
• Three display modes:
* model only
* model with red markers
(gives access to the name of each structure)
* model with overlapping window
(allows you to display two systems simultaneously)

It’s said to be a great resource for students as well as for those who are just curious about anatomy. I’m no expert (or anywhere near to being one) but it looks and sounds impressive. If this is just a sort of casual ‘everyman’ sort of medical app for the iPad it’s no wonder the iPad is doing so well in the healthcare industry.

Here’s an App Store link for Virtual Human Body; it’s priced at $9.99.

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