iPad at Work: Helping Run Britain

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UK PM and iPad

We’ve known for a long while that David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, is an iPad user. This week, thanks to a report in The Guardian, we’ve learned that the PM is now using a custom web app on his iPad to keep up with some essential information.

The app is known as the ‘No 10 Dashboard’ (alluding to Number 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s residence) – and offers live data on several key areas for the PM to stay abreast of. The app provides:

up-to-the minute data about the UK’s economic and financial health, including GDP, bank lending, jobs and property data, as well as polling data and Twitter feeds.

It looks as if a lot of focus has been given to how the live data is presented as well:

One person who has seen it describes its appearance as “like a cross between the data.gov.uk site and the [iPad-based] Flipboard app”.

The app is likely web-based so that is is easier for it to comply with UK government security standards. It’s good to see the PM, like our own President, is a tech-savvy guy who makes good use of an iPad at work.

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