App Store’s iPad Game of the Week – Crimson: Steam Pirates, from the Creators of Halo

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Crimson: Steam Pirates is the iPad Game of the Week in the iPad App Store this week. In addition to the boost in credibility that it immediately gets with the Game of the Week label, there are two more big attention grabbers for this app right out of the gate:

— It’s the first iOS game published by Bungie Aerospace, creators of the massively popular game ‘Halo’.

— It’s a game with a steampunk theme.

Here’s a bit of its App Store intro:

In Crimson: Steam Pirates, plumes of black smoke fill the blue Caribbean sky as Thomas Blood’s pirate fleet steams ahead—over, above, and below the waves. On the surface, ships bristle with swivel cannons and lightning guns. Above, zeppelins drip with incendiary bombs. And below, silent and deadly, submarines stalk their targets, torpedoes at the ready.
Command your fleet and your Steampunk crew using an elegant action interface.

And some of its notable features:

• 8 voyages that begin the tale of Thomas Blood’s adventures in the Caribbean
• 2 “Pass-and-Play” multiplayer scenarios
• Over a dozen types of ships, subs, and airships
• Over 20 unique crew members whose special abilities enhance gameplay

I’m not too big a ‘gamer’ on the iPad, but this one interests me, and I’ll probably give it a go fairly soon. Have any of you tried it out yet? If so, please let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Here’s an App Store link for Crimson: Steam Pirates; it’s a free game – with additional content available via In-App purchase.

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