Price Drop: HomeRun Battle 2 for iPad On Sale for 99 Cents Today

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Homerun Battle 2 – the latest version of the excellent homerun derby iPad game – is on sale today for just 99 cents, down from its normal price of $4.99.

This is a simple and great game – just get in the batter’s box and try to hit every pitch out of the park. My daughter (who is way too good at it) and I have enjoyed every version of this game since it was first released. Homerun Battle 2 has had a recent update that adds a few fun seasonal elements – including Santa costumes and extra goldballs.

One of the best things about this game is all the modes it offers:

+ DUEL : 1-on-1 Match-up Battle
+ SURVIVAL : Survival Match-up Item Battle
+MISSION : Match-up with a maximum of 4 players to Clear Missions
+BURNING : Never-ending throws burn through the wind, Swing Blast High
+ARCADE : Challenge on Achievements and New Records
+TRAINING : Practice and train to be the all-time Winner

The game is well worth every penny at its standard price, so this 99 cents offer is a steal.

Here’s an App Store link for Homerun Battle 2; it’s a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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3 thoughts on “Price Drop: HomeRun Battle 2 for iPad On Sale for 99 Cents Today”

  1. Here’s the problem – normally $4.99 right? So… why does it require in app purchases (or half of your life time) now to actually get any decent gear?!

    1. I don’t see it listed on their App Store page among the game’s features, and I don’t see it listed under iCloud area of Settings on my iPad 2.

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