The Honey Badger Now an iPad Game, and He Still Don’t Care

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The Honey Badger Don’t Care has gone from viral video to iPad and iOS game. Yes, you can now be the honey badger in an iPad game.

Remember the hilarious Honey Badger YouTube video? The one where Randall is the narrator and we learn that honey badgers just don’t care and don’t give a shit? I know I enjoyed the heck out of that and shared it with lots of friends.

I guess it’s hardly shocking that somebody (MEDL Mobile) have turned this into an iOS game, complete with voice narration and sound effects from Randall (from the video). Here’s a bit of its App Store intro and some key features:

You are hungry. You must eat. Run all over the place eating cobras, scorpions and mice. Plow down beehives to get at those sweet, juicy larvae. Steer clear of obstacles such as large rocks and thorn bushes, and eat the venomous edibles before they sting you to sleep. Even dig up the dirt to find a hidden buffet of treats.
• Voice narration and sound effects from Randall himself!
• Rich colorful graphics and gory special effects!
• Simple and intuitive gameplay!
• Heaps of unlockable achievements and bonus content!
• Adjustable controls for right and left-handed players!
• Game Center Login!

I installed the game last night just for laughs. I’m not a big gamer, on the iPad or elsewhere, and I only took a very quick look – but my quick impression is that it doesn’t look like a game that’s got a lot going for it other than novelty / humor value. If you’ve played it and disagree by all means set me straight in the comments.

Here’s an App Store link for The Honey Badger Don’t Care; it’s priced at $0.99.

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