PCWorld Writer Says iPad Is Just a Passing Fad

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Katherine Noyes of PCWorld is definitely not a believer in the iPad (or tablets in general) as Post-PC devices that will meet with lasting success. In fact, she believes they are all ‘nothing more than a passing fad’. She is stunned that sales are currently ‘backing up the hype’ and seems amazed that ‘something’ has made them catch on with consumers.

Here’s a lovely little excerpt from her article on this, where she identifies what that certain something might be that has got consumers interested (emphasis below is mine):

What is that mysterious "something"? Purely marketing, I believe. Apple is nothing if not master of the glitzy sales pitch, and there’s never been better proof of that than the iPad’s current success.

Mark my words: The device–and all the others of its ilk that have sprung up for a piece of the action–are nothing more than a passing fad, at least in the mainstream.

Oh, I love the ‘pure marketing’ argument. It makes so much sense after over 15 million iPads have been sold – because nobody would speak up and tell all their friends that it’s a useless over-hyped device during the year it’s been in users’ hands.

The remainder of Noyes article lists out her – weak and tired – reasons why the iPad and tablets of ‘its ilk’ will prove to be just a passing fad (like Hammer Pants). Here are a few of them, with some quick comments on each – my comments in blockquote this time:

Limited Functionality: they offer no significant new functionality that smartphones and laptops don’t already have, lack keyboards, and there are laptops with better specs available for less money. They are nothing more than ‘fancy new toys’.

Righto – and this is why consumers love them, 80% of the Fortune 500 is deploying or piloting them, educational institutions from kindergartens to colleges are rolling them out to students and teachers, and every week we’re seeing them being used in more and different ways in businesses.

They’re Inconvenient

Yes, and netbooks and laptops, which she seems to be plugging throughout her article, are so much more convenient. I especially like the way they conveniently take ten times as long to power on and off.

There’s Waning Excitement for Them: Noyes says “… the release of the iPad 2 made it clear that excitement with the devices is already fading. Reviews of Apple’s new tablet were generally mixed, suggesting that reality is beginning to sink in.”

Absolutely. Waning excitement that lead to lengthy lines all around the US on launch day for the iPad 2 and for 10 days afterwards. The vast majority of the ‘mixed’ reviews have concluded that an incredible, groundbreaking device just got even better and faster in its second generation.

It’s good fun reading Noyes article today – but I’m sure it will be even more fun in two, three, and five years, when there will be hundreds of millions of tablet owners, all tricked into getting them by pure marketing.

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5 thoughts on “PCWorld Writer Says iPad Is Just a Passing Fad”

  1. The whole article seems to be written by someone who has no ability to analyze technology from an objective view, but the part about waning excitement clearly shows that she can’t even follow a general news story.

  2. She ends with:
    “For my purposes, though, I just can’t be bothered. I see no reason to own a tablet, and fully expect them to fade out of the mainstream over the next few years.”

    That says a lot. How could you be a tech. journalist and at least not spend some quality time with an iPad? Apparently she’s just too important to be bothered by the most influential tech device in a decade or so. Also there were over 80 tablet device announced at CES this year. That’s a major trend not a fad.

  3. Great job pointing out this ridiculous article Patrick. It was obviously written by someone with an agenda in mind, rather than by someone trying to be an objective journalist. Unfortunately, this seems to be pretty common in the tech press, and it’s the same thing that ticks me off reading a lot of analysts reports. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter that what they are saying has absolutely no basis in fact. If you write for certain media outlets, or work for certain analyst firms, your opinion gets this level of instant credibility, at least with people who don’t know any better.

  4. Why is it that the phrase “Mark my words…” is so often the preamble of choice of the clueless.

  5. I’m sure this lady is probably as angry at men as she is at the iPad 2. They are both something she just can’t be bothered with.

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