Griffin Launches MultiDock – Charge & Sync Station for up to 10 iPads

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Griffin’s latest iPad accessory is their first offering in what they call the Business Solutions Sector. It’s called the MultiDock and it’s a charge and sync station for up to 10 iPads.

The MultiDock is said to boast both a compact footprint (less than a laptop’s) and toughness to ‘withstand the rigors of workplace, classroom, and institutional use’.

Here’s a little more on how this is targeted:

“The MultiDock delivers plug-and-charge convenience in a compact footprint that adapts easily to classrooms, offices, healthcare facilities and other settings,” said Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “With Griffin’s Business Solutions, we are excited to provide the most complete power, protection, security, connection and application solutions for enterprise users.”

And more details on the capabilities of the MultiDock:

— It can charge up to 10 iPads at once

— Has LEDs to indicate charge status for each iPad

— Also provides sync capability

— Compatible with all iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch models

— Can fit an iPad in a Griffin Survivor case or similar shell type cases

— Easy to add capacity:

Up to 3 MultiDocks can be linked and synced at once using the provided USB hub that connects to the Mac host computer via a single USB connection.

The MultiDock has already been deployed at a children’s museum in Nashville for the last four months.

Here are the pricing details for the MultiDock:

MultiDock can be ordered to accommodate 10, 20, or 30 iPads at prices ranging from $699.99 to $1799.99.

And here’s Griffin’s product page for the MultiDock.

I think it’s very good to see a  mainstream iOS accessories vendor making a move into the corporate sector like this. Another sign of the iPad’s momentum not just with consumers, but also in the enterprise space.

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2 thoughts on “Griffin Launches MultiDock – Charge & Sync Station for up to 10 iPads”

  1. Hrm … or I could just go buy a powerstrip from Target for $14.99. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Seriously though. I could.

    More seriously though … One glaring things that is missing from this solution is the ability to secure the device(s) in the cabinet. For example say you’re using this at a training course and in the mornings you hand out devices to all users. Then overnight you may lock them in the room, but an administrator unlocks the room before class, then goes to get coffee. Comes back and there’s a couple missing.

    Or what about if you use them in a high school – say for sheet music for your music room. You want to secure those devices when they aren’t in use.

    Let’s be honest here – people have sticky fingers. Not everyone (and some people would never steal) but some people have no problems with permanently borrowing something.

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