Got Spirit? You do now… iPad Jailbreak Is Live

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You’ve all been waiting, holding your breath, turning blue… well stop it. Engadget is reporting that the Spirit Jailbreak is now live and ready to unleash you from the shackles of your Apple chroot jail.

So the question now is, do you have the stones? (not the Rolling ones).

UPDATE: It’s been 6 minutes since I posted this. 5 Minutes of that time was spent talking on the phone. Next to some Geohot jailbreaks and maybe that .png exploit a couple years back – this was the easiest jailbreak I’ve seen in a while. Cool stuff. Now I go to go install a few things and see what blows up!

IMG_0001.jpg IMG_0002.jpg

Restore number 1 commencing. DO NOT install SBSettings. Your dock ends up iPhone size, icons also end up iPhone size and worse you can’t get to uninstall SBSettings because the tab bar at the bottom of Cydia stops working.

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3 thoughts on “Got Spirit? You do now… iPad Jailbreak Is Live”

  1. Respringing your device fixes the issues that SBSettings causes (Weird lock screen, messed up dock / winterboard, Cydia tabbar broken).

  2. How easily does the iPad restore to original settings? After jailbreaking, do you see a degradation of performance? After jailbreaking my iPhone, I notice a slow drain of battery levels because the jailbreak negates the battery management of the OS.

    1. The restore to original settings worked just fine. I didn't see any oddities from it. Just restored the original (downloaded) firmware.

      I haven't loaded up enough stuff to see any loss in performance and i haven't had enough time on my iPad since the jailbreak to determine if there's really any affect on battery life. So far though, with it just sitting there suspended I didn't see any loss that was noteworthy.

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