iPad Jailbreak News: Force iPhone Apps To Run Full Screen, and Winterboard for iPad Is Out

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Even though I’ve chosen not to jailbreak my iPad so far, I’ve still been trying to keep up with news about jailbreak for iPad.  And this month has seen big news in that area – starting with the release of the Sprit jailbreak on May 2nd.

Here are a few of the other big iPad jailbreak news items of the last few days;

— There’s an iPad Jailbreak Compatibility List.  It’s a spreadsheet being managed and edited by the community – and it details the Pass / Fail /Partial status of whether a number of current iPhone jailbreak apps work with the iPad.  It’s color coded to show which apps work with no problems, work with some problems, or fail to work. It already has over 100 apps listed, with some good details on their status and what works and what doesn’t.

You can find the list here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/lv?key=tHnYEq4SmhIGOgbH9TVgXgA&f=true&gid=8

— Winterboard – the hugely popular application for jailbroken iPhones, that lets you apply custom themes – now supports the iPad.

— There’s an app called FullForce that allows you to force selected apps in full-screen mode – so that even iPhone apps not yet updated for the iPad display ‘properly’ on the iPad’s screen. You can see some examples of this app in action here: http://blog.gadgetsonthego.net/2010/05/tired-of-waiting-for-ipad-version-of.html

For the moment, I’m not finding it too hard to resist jailbreaking my iPad.  I am enjoying the iPad so much, and also finding that after jailbreaking all of my iPhones I like the idea of trying to run one iDevice stock.  This could of course all change tomorrow – but for now I’m a happy stock iPad user.

How about you all?  Have you jailbroken your iPads?  If so, how’s it going for you?  If not, are you feeling tempted?

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5 thoughts on “iPad Jailbreak News: Force iPhone Apps To Run Full Screen, and Winterboard for iPad Is Out”

    1. You can use jailbroken iPhone with MyWi to create wifi hot spot for your iPad. Works great.

  1. I'm currently not really tempted to jailbreak my iPad, but I do have a 2nd gen iPod touch that has been sitting unused for months. The battery is drained, but I might plug it in and jailbreak it just to play around. I always read the jailbreak-only stories on your iPhone blog with interest but never bothered. If nothing else I can check out winterboard and some of the other interesting features I have been missing.

    I'm happy with the iPad running as-is at the moment. Mostly because it is wifi-only and I have fewer apps for it than my iPhone. If I had to delete stuff to fit more on like I do on the iPhone I would probably be tempted, though with folders coming that shouldn't be a factor much longer. That and the fact that all the "must-have" apps I use have been made universal I don't see the need to jailbreak to force full-screen.

    1. The fact that folders and, even more so, a greater level of multitasking is known to be coming via OS 4.0 is definitely a factor in my thinking as well.

  2. I've jailbroken my iPad like I have jailbroken my iPhone. Using categories, backgrounder (programs run in the background), Winterboard (creates themes on lock screen and application screens) MyWi to tether to my iPad and get free 3G etc. When Apple upgrades to folders and new OS upgrade I can restore and use it but in the meanwhile why not take advantage of items they do not have currently?

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