iPad mini Accessories: New Portenzo Line of Cases, Including the Composition Case

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Portenzo iPad mini cases

Portenzo has a nice lineup of their classic iPad cases ready for the iPad mini. These are all journal style cases, made with using bookbinding techniques right here in the USA.

I’ve tried out a couple of Portenzo iPad cases in the past and been highly impressed with them – so I’m glad to see they’re already creating iPad mini versions of some of their most attractive cases.

Their lineup for the iPad mini currently includes the Alano, BookCase, HardBack, Wingtip, Designer, and Composition cases. The price range on these runs from $30 (for the HardBack) to $100 for the Alano.

Composition Book Case for iPad MIni

I did a review of the Portenzo Composition Case for the iPad 2 case earlier this year, and I liked it a lot. It was one of my favorite iPad 2 cases. I’d definitely like to try out the new Composition case for the iPad mini.

The Alano case also stood out for me in the Portenzo iPad mini lineup. I may try to test one of those out too – and honestly the whole new lineup looks quite good to me overall.

Alano Case for iPad mini

You can see lots more detail and place orders at the product page for the new Portenzo iPad mini lineup. They should all be shipping on November 5.

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3 thoughts on “iPad mini Accessories: New Portenzo Line of Cases, Including the Composition Case”

  1. Thanks Patrick… the Alano/ Indiana journal looks like what I was looking for to house the new Mini I’ve ordered. Needed something to disguise the Ipad when using it at Renn Faires in the selling booth. I was sure to let the chat assistant know where I found out about them too. *grin*
    I’m waiting to order one untill I see if the Mini is going to do what I need for the Faire..if not.. then I’ll order one for my IPad 3rd gen, and use it instead.

    1. Hi oso – yeah a few of the Alano styles are really gorgeous I think. My favorite is the Old Book. Thanks for the mention on their chat!

      It’s good to see so many good cases coming out so quickly for the iPad mini.

  2. I prefer the book case look for any case, makes it look less obvious you have a expensive ipad or iphone in you hand. Less chance of theft, i bought my case from lovegizmo.co.uk, these ones look good aswell might get one as you can never have enough choice : )

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