Ad Space in iPad News Apps Costs 5 Times as Much as Online Ads

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USA Today for iPad

Advertising on print publications repurposed for Apple’s iPad draws a fee up to five times more than buying placement on the same content provider’s website.

That’s an excerpt from a recent report at Apple Insider, covering how much higher ad rates for ad spaces in iPad editions of leading print publications than they are for ads on their web sites.

Here’s a little more detail:

"In iPad applications such as USA Today’s, there is a finite amount of space and no ad networks are in the mix," the report said. "And the app gives advertisers new possibilities. A reader can click on Courtyard by Marriott’s USA Today ad and then with a flick of a finger scroll through images of the hotels’ updated lobby design. Another tap and a high-definition video appears, full of happy hotel guests."

Jason Fulmines, director of products for USA Today owner Gannett, said the publication charges Mariott about $50 for every thousand ad impressions, while the going rate on the newspaper’s website is less than $10.

Here’s my first thought on seeing this news: why the stupidly high prices on iPad editions then? 

All the $4.99 per issue / $17 a month prices for iPad newspaper and magazine apps seem even dumber to me now.  Can’t these guys figure out that they’re going to get many more thousands of readers, and page impressions, if they get their pricing at much more attractive rates?

The full report at Apple Insider is a very good read – and you can find it HERE.

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