Apple Email Confirms iPad Ready for Pickup at Store, Separate Line for Reservations

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Now that’s an item I’m happy to see in my Inbox! Apple is sending out confirmations this morning to those of us who’ve reserved an iPad for pickup at an Apple store on launch day.

The email is short and (very) sweet, and I got mine a short while ago. It confirms that my iPad will be ready to collect at the store this Saturday. 

It also confirms that there will be a separate line for those with reservations, and that I need to pickup the iPad by 3:00PM on Saturday – after that iPads will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

It’s really not long now. :)

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5 thoughts on “Apple Email Confirms iPad Ready for Pickup at Store, Separate Line for Reservations”

  1. I'm actually a bit bummed about this. I told both my kids that they would have to wait in line with me to get their iPads. Part because I wanted them to "experience" an apple product launch, but also to teach them a lesson about waiting in this "instant on demand" world they've grown up in. Now it looks like there isn't a need to show up early? Unless the line for "reservations" will also be really long?

    1. That would be kinda cool to let your kids see a bit of the madness. On the line question, who knows. I've spoken to my local store a couple times this week just to see if they had any feel at all for how long or short lines might be. They have no clue, or none they care to share in any case. I'm going to get myself down there pretty early anyway – just because I would never forgive myself if I got there too late and missed that 3:00 deadline.

  2. I originally planned to Wait in Line, but I got worried about a long line and the weather I ordered my Ipad for delivery. luckily right before they changed the date to April 11th.

    For those who ordered for April 3rd Delivery:
    So I got on the phone and the rep, from UPS, told me that my package from Apple was not marked for Saturday delivery. and that they only had the package information. No other details were available. I asked to be transfered to a supervisor. He told me that they have a special agreement with Apple to deliver Ipads on Saturday. Regardless of wether the package is marked for Saturday Delivery. So we will get them on April 3rd. Except those who do not have that service available in that area. Simple!

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