Everbody Hates Newsstand Except Publishers?

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From what I can see in comments at this site and around major social networks, an awful lot of iPad users have no love at all for the new Newsstand smart folder. I even ended up sharing a tip recently on how to get Newsstand in a folder, as the next best thing to being able to delete it.

Despite all the hate for Newsstand from some users it looks there are more than enough others who are enjoying it to make at least one major publisher happy. As Apple Insider reports, Condé Nast have announced this week that the launch of Newsstand along with iOS 5 has given a huge boost to their titles:

Magazine publisher Condé Nast announced on Tuesday that weekly digital subscription sales of its titles jumped up 268 percent following the arrival of Newsstand and iOS 5 on the iPad earlier this month.

The company released a press release noting that, since Newsstand was released on Oct. 12, new subscription sales for all nine digital editions of its titles have gone up 268 percent, while single copy sales are up 142 percent, as compared to the previous eight weeks.

Those sure seem like impressive numbers for Condé Nast’s nine iPad titles – which include Wired and The New Yorker.

I actually quite like the idea of Newsstand – as it has saved me some home screen space and it provides a quicker way to browse for iPad newspaper and magazine titles. I’m not at all impressed with how the supposed automatic, background downloads of new issues for Newsstand titles is working thus far, or not working so far I should say.

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2 thoughts on “Everbody Hates Newsstand Except Publishers?”

  1. If you don’t read magazines or prefer to have the icons for magazine apps set out in a particular way, I can see how Newstand can be annoying. Personally I like it as I has taken care of my bug bears, auto downloading of new editions

  2. I don’t like it. It doesn’t make sense to have iBooks as an “app” and this as a built in folder on the home screen. Why do magazines/newspapers get this vs. Books?

    The newsstand should be its own app like iBooks and should be able to be placed in a folder like all other apps (which I believe they will do).

    I do like the tip on putting it in a folder, but they should just make it an app in the next version.

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