iPad Is Number 1 Gadget of 2010 for gdgt Readers

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The iPad has finished top of the charts as the most popular gadget among the very tech-savvy readers of gdgt, Peter Rojas’ and Ryan Blocks’ excellent site for gadget reviews and discussions.

Since it’s getting close to the end of the year we thought we’d put together a list of the twenty most popular gadgets on the site in 2010, as determined by our users. We calculated the list by looking at each gadget’s number of Wants and Haves, and then factoring in its level of activity (i.e. number of questions, comments, reviews, page views, etc.).

That’s another nice win for the iPad. I’m starting to wonder whether it’s heading for a ‘sweep’ of all the major gadget of the year type awards. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

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