iPad Web Usage Dwarfs Rivals

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The latest web usage survey from Net Applications highlights that web browsing from the iPad accounts for a far, far larger percentage of overall web browsing than that of any of its rivals. The iPad is said to account for 0.92 percent of all browsing, across all devices, not just mobile ones.

That seems a staggering figure in its own right. It gains context when compared with the numbers for two of the leading Android tablets. The Galaxy Tab accounts for 0.018 percent of web browsing and the Motorola Xoom for 0.012 percent. The Blackberry PlayBook, the one with the touted full web experience thanks to Flash support, registers an even more miniscule 0.003 percent.

One of the most striking numbers in the latest set of information from Net Applications is that the browsing share for all iOS devices (2.38%) is not far off half of the figure for Mac (5.32).

As always, I am very happy to see that a big percentage of visitors to this site visit from their iPads. In fact, most months, iPad accounts for the biggest percentage of visits here, as it did in May.

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