Latest iPad 2 TV Ad – ‘Love’

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Apple’s latest TV ad for the iPad 2 is titled ‘Love’. It’s the sixth in the series that started with ‘We Believe’ – all featuring excellent narration by Peter Coyote. This one has another good ending line:

Getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this.

This one features a handful of people engaged in things they love on the iPad 2 – from a basketball coach showing his team a play in a huddle to a young kid enjoying a dinosaur app in a tent.

My favorite part is when they show a woman painting a landscape while standing out in it with the iPad 2. For years now I’ve been fascinated by the amazing art that is created on iOS devices. I’ve even got a little site devoted to it.

This ad, like all in this series, speaks volumes about how versatile the iPad is.

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