So Much for Getting an iPad Screen Protector Put on at an Apple store?

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So today it’s being reported that Apple looks to be banning all forms of screen protector films for iPhones, iPods, and the iPad at its retail stores.  Here’s more detail from iLounge’s report on this:

"Apple has said that it will remove both film-only solutions from its stores, as well as any case or other accessory that includes film protection as part of its package, such as cases that include film screen protectors," according to the report.

It adds that the ban — which covers film protectors for iPods, iPhones, iPads, and Mac — will impact all forms of screen film, "including completely clear film, anti-glare film, and mirrored film, regardless of whether the purpose of the film is protective, decorative, or both."

Shockingly, Apple so far has nothing to say on the reasoning behind this sudden purge on some very popular and useful products.

Apparently the new ban is set to take effect in May.  So my biggest question is whether I can still get an Apple staffer at a store to apply an anti-glare screen protector to my iPad if I do it during April.  This is what I’ve done with my last two iPhones – and it saved me lots of time and frustration in trying to apply the protectors myself.  I’ll certainly be asking on Day 1 when I purchase the iPad.

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  1. Look for a local Zagg dealer – fortunately I have one in my hometown and they are a great resource for screen and whole body clear films.

    I prefer to pay them the install fee as I have tried myself and never get the smooth professional results they are able to obtain.

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