Survey Offers Good News for iPad Magazine Publishers

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A recent survey (commissioned by a publishers trade association, the Association of Magazine Media) has some good news for publishers of digital magazines and iPad edition. As noted by All Things Digital, it looks like most of those who are reading digital editions are enjoying it and planning to increase the amount of time they spend with digital editions.

It finds that two-thirds of people who read magazines on tablets and e-readers think they’ll be spending more time with digital issues over the next year. Many of them — 46 percent — are consuming more magazines — both in print and digital form — than they did before they got their hands on an iPad.* And 63 percent of them want more digital stuff to read.

… The report does offer some guidance for the industry: 89 percent of readers want publishers to adopt a uniform way of navigating magazines, and 69 percent like watching in-app videos that run less than minute.

I’m a big fan of iPad newspapers and magazines. If I was asked for ‘guidance for the industry’ here are a few points I’d mention:

— Subscription pricing needs to be sensible. It still often isn’t and often fails to offer good, fair deals for existing print or online subscribers.

— Issue download sizes need to keep getting smaller. The promised key feature of Newsstand – automatic issue and new content updates in the background – needs to be delivered. Right now it is not working for most titles I’ve seen. It should be faster and easier to get into the latest issue.

— More publishers need to make the effort to create real iPad editions. Editions that take advantage of what can be done on the iPad – not just churn out glorified PDF renderings of their print editions.

— They also need to include more features that allow readers to get more engaged with the content. Search, direct feedback to article authors, sharing options and more.

How about you all? Those of you who are readers of iPad magazines, what advice would you give to publishers? What’s on your wish list for iPad editions?

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2 thoughts on “Survey Offers Good News for iPad Magazine Publishers”

  1. Your advice is to magazine publishers is spot on. Unfortunately they are making the same mistakes that book publishers, the RIAA, and the MPAA have made by fighting against digital publishing tooth and nail.

    We’ve seen book publishers fight — and win — to keep the price of e-books artificially high, and it seems the magazine publishers are following suit. As a long time Kindle owner I’ve been a victim of that battle for a while now, and as a new iPad owner it’s like deja vu all over again. When you take away the cost of materials, printing, and distribution there is no way the prices for digital editions should be as high as they are.

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