Three Canon Inkjet Printers Now Support AirPrint, More Models Will in Future

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Canon has announced that three of their PIXMA series of all-in-one inkjet printers now support AirPrint – which enables wireless printing to them from iPad and iOS devices. The three models that now have AirPrint support are the PIXMA MG8220, MG6220 and MG5320 Wireless Photo All-In-One inkjet photo printers.

The company has also said that from here on the majority of PIXMA inkjet printers will support AirPrint.

Apple’s AirPrint 101 page has not yet been updated to show these Canon printers.

It’s good to see a few more printers adding AirPrint support, but the overall list is still pathetically short and is made up of nearly all HP printers.

Luckily, there are easy ways to make AirPrint work with just about any printer – so there’s no need to wait for the official list to grow.

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2 thoughts on “Three Canon Inkjet Printers Now Support AirPrint, More Models Will in Future”

  1. I got a new printer today – an Epson WP-4530, and it does Airprint too – but you have to update the firmware that ships in the box to do it. But it absolutely works.

    1. Cool. I know Epson has said recently that AirPrint support was coming for a number of their models, but had not seen firm dates for when.

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