The Daily iPad-only Newspaper – Nearing 1 Million Downloads, Still Not Getting the Basics Right

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According to reports this week, The Daily – the first iPad-only newspaper – is close to hitting the one million downloads mark. Their  publisher, Greg Clayman, is quite pleased with their numbers so far …

This puts us in the large pantheon of large news apps … We are consistently now in the top grossing apps, in the top ten or top twelve.

The Daily has still not released any details on how many subscriptions they’ve sold. Whatever that number is, one thing is for sure – it could be much higher if the app didn’t still have some stupid and basic flaws after nearly four months in the App Store.

For instance, if the screen above was not one of the ones you spend most time with in the app, due to how long it still takes to load new issues each day, and even to load updates within each day. The load times are still way too long. And the app still fails to remember where you left off reading – a horrible defect for any app that wishes to provide a good reading experience.

I did a review of The Daily a month after its release, and I summed up my thoughts on it like so:

The Daily is a promising title, purely on the basis that it is the first of its kind and News Corp is obviously committed to making it a top-notch title for the iPad and possibly other tablets as well.

It has a long way to go to deliver on its promise though. Right now its speed and performance issues are severe, and they are killing the user experience in the app.

I’m sad – and a little shocked – to say The Daily really hasn’t improved much since then. Until it does, however many downloads it gets there are still going to be a high percentage of users who give up on it and never subscribe.

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