Amazon Unveils their New Tablet – the Kindle Fire

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Amazon has unveiled their much-awaited new tablet device today – the Kindle Fire.

It’s definitely an interesting device, with an attractive price point of $199. As many of us expected it looks like the first real iPad rival in terms of the ecosystem that it offers in terms of movies, books, music, cloud storage and the powerful and popular Amazon brand.

It looks even more like a device that is going to be a major player at the low end of the tablet market and that will be a stronger rival for other Android devices than for the iPad. It has many places where it clearly makes no attempt to compete with the iPad. For instance, it is WiFi only, a 7 inch tablet, and offers only 8GB of internal storage.

This one, as expected, is an exciting new entry in the tablet market. It’s available for pre-order now, and expected to ship on November 15th.

Take a look at the Kindle Fire product page and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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One thought on “Amazon Unveils their New Tablet – the Kindle Fire”

  1. It looks like a great value device with a sensible approach (i.e. It isnt just about the hardware). Amazon have obviously given this a lot of thought rather than rushing out with “me too” tablet. :)

    I think it will be one to watch.

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