Blackberry PlayBook Price Dropped by $150 at Best Buy

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The Blackberry PlayBook is currently being offered at deeply dropped prices at Best Buy.

The 64GB PlayBook model is down by $150 to $549. There are also $50 discounts on the 16GB and 32GB models, leading to this great line in Apple Insider’s report on the sale:

However, the sale does not appear to be fully thought out, the 32GB PlayBook is now the same price as the 64GB version.

Funny stuff, especially when it concerns the tablet that RIM touted as ‘way ahead’ before it even hit the market, the one that had a promo proclaiming the end of Amateur Hour in the tablet market.

Ever since it actually got released, to say the PlayBook is way behind would be a huge understatement. It’s had failure written all over it since Day 1 – and given recent history, this big sale may be the beginning of the end of this would-be iPad rival.

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