Checking Out an HP TouchPad

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Well, this is definitely not my normal tablet home screen. In fact it’s the home screen on the HP TouchPad that just got delivered to me yesterday afternoon.

I’ve been wanting to start spending more time with a few rival tablets for some time now, and I recently got the chance to buy a TouchPad at a good price for the 32GB model. Not quite the bargain basement $99 rate that some went for recently, but a good deal and sold to me by a friend and writing colleague – so I snapped it up.

I only spent a couple hours getting acquainted with it last night – but on early impressions I have to say it seems a shame HP gave up on this tablet so quickly (though I’ve seen some recent stories that say it may get resurrected). The webOS interface is quite nice of course and the hardware is pretty good too.

I won’t be posting too much here about the TouchPad or other non-iPad tablets – but I will be sharing thoughts on these at another site soon.

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2 thoughts on “Checking Out an HP TouchPad”

  1. Would be interesting to hear how you think it compares as I’m thinking of getting a cheaper tablet (than an iPad) for my wife to use as a replacement for the Samsung NC10 NetBook she currently uses.

    1. I’ll definitely be sharing some thoughts soon when I’ve spent enough time with the TouchPad, and soon with a Kindle Fire as well – but I’ll be doing that at a different site, so this site can stay 100% focused on the iPad.

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