Current State of iPad Competitors – There Are None

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A few recently released sets of numbers highlight the current state of play for iPad competition – and it really looks like there still is none.

First off, Apple 2.0 cites some comparative sales numbers for iPad vs. all the rest (emphasis mine):

Apple doesn’t break out U.S.-only sales figures, but in the last 9 months it sold more than 25 million iPads and took in $15.75 billion.

In the first 10 months of 2011 the iPad also-rans sold a total of 1.2 million tablets in the U.S. and took in only $415 million in retail revenue.

25 million iPad sold vs. just over a million sold by everyone else. That’s incredible. It’s even more striking when you learn that out of all the rest the biggest seller was the HP TouchPad, now discontinued and with its sales numbers inflated by all the fire sale deals over recent months.

Then there’s a recent Changewave survey that shows that the iPad is still clearly way ahead of the field in terms of which tablet consumers are planning to buy. As you can see in the chart at the top of this post, the iPad is the top choice with a 65% score, followed by the Kindle Fire with just 22%. There’s not any other tablet that even gets double figures.

The even worse news in those numbers is that they’re from surveys done before all the lukewarm to poor reviews of the Kindle Fire were published. Oh, and there’s the fact that the Kindle Fire is really nothing like the iPad.

Apple continues to show enormous strength in the tablet market, where it’s enjoying the best quarter in its history, according to the survey. But while two-out-of-every-three future buyers plan on purchasing an Apple iPad (65%), for the first time since the launch of the original model, there is a double-digit contender for the number two spot.

Changewave’s survey also finds that the iPad is well ahead of the field in customer satisfaction.

As seen in previous ChangeWave surveys, a key reason for the Apple iPad’s market dominance can be found in its customer satisfaction rating. A total of 74% of all iPad owners say they’re Very Satisfied with their device. This compares to a 49% Very Satisfied rating for all other tablet manufacturers combined.

I really think if HP would have done something, anything, with the TouchPad then it might well be the top competitor to the iPad, and some of these numbers might look quite different. At least there might be some semblance of competition. Hopefully HP will find a buyer for webOS who will actually do something with it and give it some proper support.

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