HP Says TouchPad Will be Number 1 in Tablet World, Whenever It’s Actually in the Tablet World That Is

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The TouchPad is HP’s wannabe iPad rival. Or, according to the guy in charge of HP in Europe (Eric Cador), it’s more than a rival:

In the PC world, with fewer ways of differentiating HP’s products from our competitors, we became number one; in the tablet world we’re going to become better than number one. We call it number one plus.

That fits nicely with the tradition among iPad rivals of doing some great trash-talking before ever even being released on the market. RIM claimed the Blackberry PlayBook was ‘way ahead’ before it ever hit the market – and that hasn’t turned out so well so far.

HP’s boast is an even better one. They’re going to be better than Number 1. That’s at some future point of course, because right now they don’t even have a number – because the TouchPad hasn’t been released, doesn’t even have a definite release date, and for now is just vaporware with a copycat name.

Here’s another great quote from Mr. Cador, when asked about rivals like Apple and Google:

… only one company plays in both the consumer and business and world. We tend to talk about technologies. But the way the user is going to look at tablets means it’s about experience. The way the corporate is going to look at it is to say that its employees, who are also consumers, have got to like it and it’s got to be secure. We’re going to deliver that. Beyond that, it’s about marketing and branding.

The iPad’s enormous adoption rate among Fortune 500 companies seems to have escaped his attention – as has the fact that Apple’s mobile devices are the ones that are huge hits with consumers, not those coming from old-school PC manufacturers like HP. It’s Apple devices that are being adopted by employees and C-level execs alike. Oh, and marketing and branding, last time I looked, are areas that Apple does pretty well in as well.

Somebody should offer a course on trash-talking to some of these RIM and HP and MS execs. Let them know that it’s best done when you have actually done something, anything, that can back it up.

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8 thoughts on “HP Says TouchPad Will be Number 1 in Tablet World, Whenever It’s Actually in the Tablet World That Is”

    1. I’m not sure this particular HP exec sounds bright enough for it to be a play on anything.

  1. Well, I actually think it’s waaayyy ahead of the iPad 2 in many respects.

    I’m not hoping it topples Apple from the #1 spot – but I DO hope it kicks Mr J up the a$$ enough that he brings some major improvements. Like:

    1. Receive and make phone calls and SMS texts from the iPad when PAIRED with an iPhone (and only iPhone).

    2. Have a number row, capitalization and shift based characters ON the keyboard and not bury them in sub menu’s.

    3. Allow developers to be able to replace the default keyboard system wide ( HP Touchpad moves towards this with their awesome keyboard and 3 sizes / layouts)

    4. Massively improve the cameras. I know there are nay-sayers about using a tablet for photo/filming – but seriously – have you tried it? It’s awesome in my opinion and regardless.. I don’t want to carry multiple devices around.

    5. Wacom Active Digitizer / Pen support – HP have said they WILL have this on a model of the Touchpad – maybe not the first one, but it IS coming…gods knows we desperately need that on the iPad 3.

    6. Wide screen layout. I admit, I love the iPad 2 design, it’s just sexy and beautiful and comfortable – except to type on – that extra inch or so widthways in landscape will MASSIVELY improve the keyboard – just like the Touchpad has.

    7. Something I know Apple will never do – Inductive charging / syncing. Imagine an iPad 3 dock where you could put it landscape or portrait, and it would charge AND sync in either position. How awesome would that be? HP’s virtually there.

    8. Touch to sync. Now HP only have this crappy ‘copy the web site’ thingy going on – but how ‘magical’ would it be if I just touched my iPhone 5 to my iPad 3 and then they were linked – it would allow my point 1 above to be instantly usable and it would allow syncing of movies / photos etc that I’d taken on my phone to be used in iMovie on my iPad 3.

    Stevie? If you can pull those off – NO ONE will be able to touch the iPad – ever.

    Of course, whilst I still buy every revision, I know that all 8 above are futile wishes – they’ll never do it.

    So maybe it’s time to consider moving to the Touchpad… ?

    1. I like some of those features as well, and I honestly think the TouchPad is one of the most worthy-sounding rivals for the iPad (I said so the first day it was announced too) – but the things is when you haven’t even released it yet, you probably shouldn’t be bragging about anything, much less being Number 1.

  2. True, but it has wwaaayyyyy more potential than any crappy Android / Windows competitor.

    I’m just hoping that that potential is enough to force Apple to innovate and not just keep upping small spec changes.

    1. Agreed on the potential. Hope it lives up to it, and I hope Apple has more than just small spec changes in store for future iPad models and iOS as well.

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