HP’s TouchPad Will Launch on July 1, Prices Start at $499

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HP announced yesterday that their HP TouchPad tablet device will launch July 1st. This is the heavily awaited first webOS tablet, and one that many people think may be the most compelling iPad rival once it’s released.

The TouchPad will boast a 9.7 inch display, just like the iPad, and a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. There will initially be two models of the TouchPad available – a 16GB version for $499.99 and a 32GB for $599.99. They are both WiFi only models, while HP promises that they’ll be partnering with AT&T to bring out ‘connected’ models ‘later this summer’.

webOS is a much-admired mobile operating system and it is clearly the top selling point for the TouchPad right now.

What makes HP TouchPad a compelling alternative to competing products is webOS,” said Jon Rubinstein, senior vice president and general manager, Palm Global Business Unit, HP. “The platform’s unmatched features and flexibility will continue to differentiate HP products from the rest of the market for both personal and professional use. This is only the beginning of what HP’s scale can do with webOS.

The TouchPad will likely need more than just webOS going for it to compete well with the iPad. Like lots of developer support and a healthy range of quality apps for starters. It’s already starting over a year behind the iPad, priced the same, offering WiFi only models, and no 64GB model – but webOS alone makes it a potentially very interesting iPad rival.

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