iPad Rivals: Motorola Xoom Sales a (tiny) Fraction of iPad’s

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The Motorola Xoom was meant to be a serious contender in the tablet arena. It was one of the first 10-inch tablets to run the Android Honeycomb OS (the first one designed specifically for tablets), it supports Flash, and it was thought to be a potential serious rival for the iPad.

Not so much it seems now. After lackluster reviews, sales of the device are a tiny fraction of those of the iPad, as reported this week by Apple Insider.

Motorola stated that it shipped 440,000 tablets in the most recent quarter, ahead of analyst expectations of just 366,000 but far lower than the 9.41 million iPads Apple sold in its most recent quarter.

Even leaving aside the question of shipped vs. actually sold, those are miniscule numbers when compared to the iPad. Just for a little context, Apple sold 9.25 *million* iPads last quarter. If my (generally terrible) math is correct that means that in an entire quarter Motorola sold around 15% as many tablets as Apple sold in a month.

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  1. If apple is selling 9.5 million iPads per quarter, that’s 100K per day. So it takes just 4 DAYS for apple to match motorola’s QUATER!

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