Tablet Market or iPad Market?

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So here’s a phrase I’ve seen being used a lot lately:

There is no tablet market. There’s just an iPad market.

Ever since I’ve started seeing that phrase, I’ve also seen growing proof that it’s true. Despite the huge number of rival tablets released this year, it looks like the iPad still dwarfs all of them in popularity and sales. Just as one quick example, based on the last reported quarter numbers, there were roughly as many iPads sold every five days as there were sales of the Motorola Xoom in the entire quarter – 9.25 million iPads sold and 440,000 Xooms ‘shipped’. And the Xoom is one of the more ‘successful’ iPad rivals thus far.

A New York Times article earlier this week shared details of a recently issued report on the buying intentions of consumers who already own or plan to buy a tablet. The numbers – as shown in the chart above – are crystal clear. 95% of those surveyed listed the iPad as the tablet they’re interested in. The closest competitor? The HP TouchPad – which has just been killed after less than two months on the market – at just 10%.

That’s not exactly a close second. RIM’s PlayBook tablet – the one that has been touted as ‘professional grade’ (in a series of ads that said ‘Amateur Hour Is Over’) and ‘way ahead’ grabbed a ‘way behind’ (to out it mildly) 4% score.

Perhaps the much-anticipated Amazon tablet will provide some real competition for the iPad later this year. For now though, I think that iPad market, not tablet market saying looks spot-on.

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