BBC iPlayer App for iOS Coming in February?

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BBC iPlayer is the Beeb’s popular on-demand service for BBC TV and Radio content. There’s been talk of an iOS app release for the service for ages – and now there are reports that it could finally be arriving in the App Store next month.

TUAW posted an article yesterday citing a report from Paid Content:UK that the app will be released in late February.

Here’s hoping this proves true – I would love to have some BBC programming goodness in an iPad app.

News Via: TUAW

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2 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer App for iOS Coming in February?”

  1. It already runs a web app just fine in the UK – sadly for those outside these shores I expect if they’re making a proper iOS app for it, that will be UK only too.

    1. As far as I’m aware they have announced that the app will work fine in the US and I believe other countries as well.

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