iPad Rumors Heating Up – Latest iPad 2, 3 & 4 Rumors

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As expected, the first week of the new year has seen iPad rumors heating up quite nicely. Given that the original iPad and iPad 2 were released in April of 2010 and March of 2011 respectively, it’s pretty much a given that rumors are going to be flying around almost continually now until Apple puts us out of our misery and announces the next iPad release. Presumably that will happen sometime within the next 6 weeks or so.

Here’s a few of the major iPad rumors I’ve seen over the last few days, along with my quick thoughts on them (in italics):

Via iLounge editor Jeremy Horwitz:

— The next-gen iPad will see upgrades to both cameras. The front-facing camera will go HD for use with Facetime etc, and the back camera will be ‘iPhone 4/4S-like (bigger)’.

This doesn’t seem far-fetched, but I still wonder how many iPad users care that much about the cameras, especially the rear-facing one.

— The iPad 2 will stay around at a lower price point, while the next-gen will ‘sit above it’ due to high-def screen and improved cameras.

I’ve said before and still believe the improved display for the next iPad is just about a lock. I think the iPad 2 continuing as a lower-priced model to compete with the Kindle Fire and others is a good bet too.

— Launch date ‘similar to iPad 2’s’.

So around early-mid March again. Sounds about right to me, if not a bit earlier.

The Latest from DigiTimes (via 9to5Mac) who have been all over the board over recent weeks with their iPad in 2012 rumors:

— iPad 3 in March with QXGA (1536X2048) display and improved battery life. And iPad carries on at reduced price of $399.

My thoughts are as above on these.

— An iPad 4 in October: Apple will drop another 9.7-inch iPad dubbed “iPad 4″ by October. The device is expected to have “killer applications,” all-around upgraded hardware specifications, and “integrated applications so as to compete with an array of Android-, Wintel- or WoA (Windows on ARM)-based tablet PCs.

I wouldn’t bet on this one. All of the applications side of that is iOS stuff for me, not something Apple would offer only on one device. And releasing another tablet with all-round better specs 6 months after the iPad 3 sounds like a great recipe for pissing off even the most loyal iPad customers.

What do you all think? What are your favorite iPad 3 / iPad in 2012 rumors, as in the ones you’d most like to see prove true? Which do you think are least likely to be accurate?

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