Latest Facebook iPad App Rumor – Launch at Apple’s iPhone 5 Event Next Week

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According to a report by Ben Parr at Mashable the ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ Facebook iPad app will be launched at Apple’s just-announced iPhone 5 event next Tuesday.

We learned two months ago that code for the Facebook iPad app had been hiding in plain sight within their iPhone app. For a brief time we were even able to run the iPad app, and it looked pretty darn good.

It seems the Facebook for iPad app has been ready to go, or very nearly so, for months now – and has only been held up due to ongoing negotiations (or possibly rows) between Facebook and Apple – about Facebook integration into iOS and other subjects.

I’d love to say I’m fed up with all the rumors about the Facebook iPad app and I don’t care when it comes out – but the truth is I use Facebook a lot more often lately and though I like the Friended app quite a bit, I’m pretty sure Facebook’s own effort will be the best way to use the network once it does get released.

I will say though that I’m definitely not holding my breath on Facebook for iPad announcement next Tuesday – as there have just been way too many false starts for this one already.

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