Top of the iPad Rumor Charts this Week: 7 inch iPad Now a ‘Finished Product’

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iPadRange, a site that follows China’s technology industry, has posted a rumor to the effect that Apple’s next tablet will resemble "an oversized iPhone 4" rather than a smaller iPad. Shanzai says that they have "ears to the ground in Shenzen," the home of Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn, and that loose lips have stated that the 7" tablet is a "finished product."

That’s a slice from a recent article at TUAW, but the same thing has been reported all round the web this week. Rumors of a smaller iPad model have been around just about ever since the iPad was released, but they seem to have gained ground this week.

I’m still a little on the fence about how appealing a new, smaller model will be – but leaning towards thinking it would be a nice to see a small ‘range’ of iPads consisting of the full-size and 7 inch models and both WiFi only and 3G options.

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