How Do You Add an App to the Newsstand Folder? You Don’t

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How do I get my XYZ newspaper or magazine app to go into the Newsstand folder?

I’ve seen a few people asking this at forums and social networks, so I thought I’d give it a quick mention. Usually they’ve tried dragging the app in question into the Newsstand folder and seen that this doesn’t work.

The answer is simple. You can’t add apps to Newsstand manually. When newspaper and magazine apps are updated to support Newsstand (and its supposed but failing automatic background downloads) they are automatically moved into Newsstand for you.

So if one of your newspaper or magazine titles isn’t in Newsstand yet, it’s because the publisher hasn’t got it ready to be in there yet – and all you can do is wait for that to happen. So far it doesn’t look like a huge percentage of titles are supporting it. So far on my iPad 2 I have seven titles that are in Newsstand and thirteen that are not.

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4 thoughts on “How Do You Add an App to the Newsstand Folder? You Don’t”

  1. Beyond New York Times, are there any other titles that provide content without subscription, or is it required that you have a subscription model to get into that folder?

    I wish that the other news apps would go in there without a subscription… (USA today, CNN) as now I have two folders instead of the one I used to have.

    With RSS feeds, kids, news aggregators, twitter and a huge backlog of books I want to read… I hardly have time for actually reading a magazine, let alone pay $14 for a year of magazines I won’t read.

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