How-To: Use The iPad as a Digital Picture Frame

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iPad Picture Frame mode

A quick guide to using your iPad in Picture Frame mode

If you thought the iPad was going to make for a gorgeous digital photo frame, you were absolutely right.  This is already one of the many pleasures I’ve found in the iPad.  I’ve got my iPad dock placed just to the right of my main MacBook on my desk – and it is a perfect spot to enjoy some great family photos when I put the iPad into Picture Frame mode.

Using the iPad to enjoy your pictures is easy – here’s how it works:

— In the Settings app, tap the Picture Frame bar in the left-hand pane – it’s the fourth item down, below Wi-Fi, Notifications, and Brightness & Wallpaper.

iPad Picture Frame Settings

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— Select which of your albums you want to include, transition effects, whether to zoom in on faces, and so on.

— Then put the iPad in sleep mode and press the Home or Power button to wake it back up.  Don’t slide to unlock. Instead, tap on the button just to the right of the slide to unlock bar (with a flower icon it). 

iPad Picture Frame Button

That’s it.  Enjoy all your lovely pics while your iPad charges or when you’ve got it in a stand.  It will do a great job sizing all your images to fit the screen, and rotate them all correctly for you as well.

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11 thoughts on “How-To: Use The iPad as a Digital Picture Frame”

  1. This is so cool! I can now use my i-pad as room decor when i'm not using it! I also love this new app ( It creates the image of a japanese spinning lamp on, you can set a timer on it and play music from your i-tunes. Also great room decor while playing music!

  2. I have got the iPad and I used picture frame to start with but turned it off as I didn’t have no pictures, no I do and I would like to use it but don’t no how to get the icon to appear on the lock screen again, any idea’s??

    Thanks grant

  3. Do I have to keep pressing the little flower every time I wanna see the picture frame. Because the iPad is for my customers and when their not using it I it to go on its own to picture mode

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