iPad Tips: How to Change Your iTunes Store Location

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This is a question I see come up a lot in iPad and iOS forums: how to change your location for iTunes and the App Store. Luckily, it’s very easy to do – right on the iPad itself. Here’s how:

— Open the Settings app on your iPad.

— Tap on the entry for iTunes & App Stores in the left sidebar – as shown above.

— Tap on the very first entry on the iTunes & App Stores page – the one that says Apple ID and shows your ID.

Apple ID

— You’ll get an Apple ID popup dialog. Tap on the View Apple ID button.

View Apple ID

— Enter your password when prompted.

— Once you’ve signed in with your password you’ll see the Account Settings screen next. Tap on the bar labeled Country/Region – and select the location you want your ID to be associated with.

Account Settings

** Please note that if you have an active iTunes Match subscription you’ll be prompted to cancel it before you can change your store setting.

You can also make these changes in the App Store app – by going down to the bottom of the Featured area to the Quick Links section, tapping on your Apple ID, and then following the same steps as above.

That’s it – hope this was helpful.

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19 thoughts on “iPad Tips: How to Change Your iTunes Store Location”

  1. I’ve discovered that if you have a balance in your iTunes account you are not allowed to change your iTunes Store location. I’ve also tried adding money to a new iTunes account in the UK and you can only do so if the billing address for your method of payment is in the UK.

  2. Gracias, excelente ayuda. No sé por qué iOS te permite cambiar de Store tan fácil desde el mensaje de que la aplicación no esta disponible en tu Store, y se hace tan difícil regresar a tu Store original.

  3. Please help me
    i want to buy a book from ibook in lativian store.
    But i cant do this cause my billing address for my method of payment in Egypt.

    How can i get this book ?? :( :(
    Thanks in Advance

  4. if i changed the location, does that mean that on my other apple products, the location will also change?

  5. it does not work for me unfortunately!! i says i have store credit balance that i must spend before changing countries! thou i’m in italy but want to buy some apps from usa store!!! how do i do it pleaseeeeeeee?!?!?!

  6. Hey,

    I live in India and I tried this to change my store from India to U.S. but it didn’t work for me as they want my billing address to match the new store location (U.S). Any hack? :(

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