Weekend iPad Wallpapers for 10/16/11

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A few iPad wallpapers caught my eye this weekend. First off, there’s the one shown above – a bitten, blue Apple logo out of a black metal grid. I found this one at this site thanks to an email from reader Will mentioning it:


Heads up – that site is spammy feeling, with popups claiming you’re a lucky winner and similar. It’s not a site I would want to spend much time on at all, but I do like this wallpaper a lot.

Here’s how it looks before applying it to my home screen:


And here are a couple of wallpapers from the Recents section of the excellent Pimp Your Screen app:

Another Halloween theme wall …


And this one is a type of image I don’t usually like too much for iPad walls, but I find it compelling because of the way the trees feel like they’re melting:


I’m always on the lookout for more cool iPad wallpapers, so if you have any recommendations please share them in the comments or send them in to us via our contact page.

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