Weekend iPad Wallpapers – Halloween Walls from 3D Wallpapers App

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Halloween iPad wallpapers

Yup, it’s that time of year again – kids choosing costumes, stores milking every bit of square footage they can for Halloween sales, and Halloween themed wallpapers for iPad and iPhone not exactly in short supply.

This weekend the 3D Wallpaper Pro app has 6 Halloween themed walls in its monthly freebies section. A few of them caught my eye, starting with the mean green one shown above.

Here are a couple more:

Halloween iPad wallpapers

Halloween iPad wallpapers

I’m sure we’ll be seeing tons more Halloween themed walls for the iPad, as well as a huge number of Halloween-themed apps, in coming weeks. Let us know in the comments if you have any big favorites.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend iPad Wallpapers – Halloween Walls from 3D Wallpapers App”

  1. Love these Halloween wallpapers, the mean green on my machine now! Just checked out 3dwallpaperpro..some great original wallpapers..thanks!

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