Crazy iPad Numbers from the WWDC 2013 Keynote

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Crazy iPad numbers

One thing you can always rely on at Apple events is that some crazy, large numbers will be thrown around. Today’s WWDC 2013 Keynote event didn’t waver from that tradition. Just in the first few minutes we heard that there are now 6 million registered Apple developers, 50 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store, and that WWDC itself sold out in just 71 seconds this year.

And of course there were some crazy iPad numbers shared during the presentation as well. Here are a couple that stood out for me:

— There are now over 375,000 apps designed specifically for iPad. I’m surprised there was no comparison slide for this one, because it certainly seems like this is an area of huge competitive advantage for the iPad. It’s also worth noting that the 375k figure seems a little old. I’ve heard it mentioned before at least once, and the today list the number of available iPad apps at over 421,000.

— iPad now has an 82% share of tablet web usage.

There are usually a few more iPad related numbers or comparisons offered at these events, but as I wrote earlier the iPad seemed almost an afterthought at today’s event.

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